Campaign Announcement

Hello. My name is Dan Medinger.

daniel medingerI have been a long time resident of Howard County and Ellicott City and love everything about our state of Maryland from its diverse communities to the many resources we have to live, work and play here.

I am a husband, a father a grandfather and a business owner and entrepreneur.

I have been an active Democrat all my life. I believe that the Democratic Party offers the best solutions for today and the future.

As a business owner, I have created good paying jobs while serving clients. As an active board member of the Howard County Chamber of Commerce, I have worked with
business leaders who make our communities great
and provide opportunities for our workers. As a leader in Annapolis, I will propose incentives for small businesses and
to follow their dreams right here in Maryland. For those who are seeking good jobs, I will fight for equal pay for equal work.
I will advocate for apprenticeship programs to help our young people get started on their career path, especially those in the trades.

We must deliver a quality 21st century education to all children. As a leader in Annapolis, I will support our teachers who have made education their mission in life. We need to invest in our schools to keep up with changing technologies. We need to make preK available because we know the consequences of not doing so will echo for a lifetime. And, I will work to roll back the high cost of a college education.

Our seniors deserve an opportunity to “Age in Community.” No senior should be taxed out of their home or feel they have to leave Maryland. As a leader in Annapolis, I will fight for seniors. I will propose a tax system that makes sense. I will also promote affordable health care plans that fit the budgets of the retired and senior community. And, I will advocate for transportation and recreation opportunities that encourage our seniors to age in our communities.

Our environment hangs in the balance. As a leader in Annapolis, I will be a champion for the environment. I grew up on a farm and I know the value of investing in our natural resources for the future. We can leave our air, water and land better than we found it. Maryland must lead the way in green technologies … and these will create jobs, too.

Good government is very important to me. I agree with President Obama that “politicians shouldn’t be picking the voters, but rather voters should pick the politicians “As a leader in Annapolis, I will oppose gerrymandering and I will advocate for special elections instead of appointing members for vacated seats.

I have heard a call to service. So it is my honor to say that I am announcing my candidacy for Maryland House of Delegates, District 9B.

The 2018 election is critical for Democrats. People are seeking change and we need new candidates who are going to be leaders and bring fresh ideas to the table. These leaders need to read the signs of the times and find the path forward for our shared values to flourish.

I will be that leader. In the coming days, I will do my best to gain your trust and earn the right to represent you in Annapolis. I am asking for your vote.

This campaign will be about you, your concerns, your challenges and your dreams.

I look forward to reaching out to everyone in Ellicott City …. at their doors, kitchens table and backyards. You will see me at parades, civic events, community events, picnics, club meetings and in neighborhoods all over Ellicott City.

Let’s get Maryland moving. Onward and upward.

June 22, 2017