No Negative Campaigning

Something surprising happened in the campaign yesterday and I want set the record straight. A mailing that was critical of Courtney Watson’s record and relationship with developers was distributed. However, I want to be crystal clear: I had nothing to do with this mailer. I also was told that the Sierra Club, which has endorsed me, also didn’t have anything to do with the mailer. I have been informed that the “authority line” on the mailing makes it abundantly clear that the mailing was produced by a private citizen.

I would like to add two points:

1. I am opposed to negative campaigning. The Medinger campaign will not do negative campaigning. Our mailers are posted on our website for all to see.

2. I heard about the mailing on Monday morning and I was informed that Courtney was told about it, too. I had the opportunity to see her Monday evening at Miller Library and I was able to inform her that I didn’t have anything to do with the mailing and offered to discuss it. I have spoken with Courtney directly by phone to ask if she will join me in saying “no” to negative campaigning.  What I suggest is that the two of us, as soon as possible, issue a joint statement making it clear that neither of us, nor any representatives of our campaign, will participate in any negative campaigning.

The task at hand is to encourage voters to participate in the political process and negative will only discourage them.

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